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Welcome to North Loop Studio!

Please follow these guidelines while in our studio:

COVID-19 Guidelines

North Loop Studio asks you to limit your groups to under 10.  Follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC and State of Minnesota including 6’ social distancing, personal health screenings, sanitizing shared surfaces and wearing masks unless being photographed.

WiFi Password

Studio A : PhotoLife

Temp Control

You are welcome to adjust the temperature to your comfort level. The location of thermostat is above outlet 3 on the brick wall.

Doors & Gates

Please keep all doors and gates locked while on the premises. Please lock all locks including loading areas and fence & return all keys.

Clean Up Procedures

Please sweep and swiffer high use areas. All waste and recycling goes in the dumpsters assigned out back. Wipe all surfaces with antibacterial cleaner.

Cyc Wall

No street shoes, no running up wall, please wipe shoes before use. Sweep up and swiffer all shoe markings.

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